FHRI Focus Grants - COVID-19 Recipients

The FHRI Focus Grants: COVID-19 program was advertised in September 2020 and more than 80 applications were received.

Following a panel review process $6 million in funding has been awarded across the following three streams:

  • Research Grants – 10 projects valued at $2, 107,953
  • Innovation Grants –3 projects valued at $147,420
  • Infrastructure Grants – 5 projects valued at $3,733,101

The recipients and their project titles are listed below, together with the administering institution.

FHRI Focus Grants: COVID-19 recipients 

Coordinating Principal Investigator/Project Lead

Administering Institution

Project Title

Funding Awarded



Dr Katie Attwell

The University of Western Australia

Coronavax 3: Helping the hard-to-reach


Ms Kathleen Davern

The University of Western Australia

Humanized Neutralizing Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2


Associate Professor Nick Golding

Curtin University

Quantifying contact networks for COVID-19 outbreak preparedness


Dr Tim Inglis

The University of Western Australia

Western Australia-driven COVID-19 countermeasures


Associate Professor Samuel Lundin

Biotome Pty Ltd

Precision-immunology assisted by on-chip machine learning to create a test for neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2


Dr Brennen Mills

Edith Cowan University

Development and evaluation of a novel gamified education package enhancing pandemic preparedness for frontline healthcare response staff and students


Professor George Milne

The University of Western Australia

Analytics to determine effective and cost-effective responses to infectious disease epidemics and pandemics, with application to COVID-19


Dr Sandra Salter

The University of Western Australia

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring in Community Pharmacy (COVID-19 VIP)


Professor Valerie Verhasselt

The University of Western Australia

Determinants of human milk-mediated protective immunity against COVID-19


Professor Bu Yeap

The University of Western Australia

Influences of cardiometabolic risk factors and testosterone on risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in men




Dr Nathan Lawler

Murdoch University

Optimisation and validation of a rapid biomarker screening assay for identifying COVID-19


W/Professor Marc Tennant

The University of Western Australia

Tele-screening for tooth decay in early childhood during COVID-19 pandemic


Mr Janardhan Vignarajan

CSIRO's Australian e-Health Research Centre

Artificial intelligence technology for automated detection of tooth decay from mobile dental photographs




Dr Yit Heng Chooi

The University of Western Australia

COVIDexpress: High-throughput platform for screening of drugs to treat COVID-19 and rapid diagnosis


Clinical Professor Dominic Mallon

Pathwest Laboratory Medicine WA

Western Australian COVID-19 Immunity Collaborative (WACIC)


Dr David Morrison

East Metropolitan Health Service

Infrastructure to test current and innovative PPE and other medical devices


Professor Merrilee Needham and Dr Aron Chakera

South Metropolitan Health Service

TRANSFORM - Building for the WA Research Future


Professor Bruce Robinson

The University of Western Australia

An advanced digital monitoring and engagement platform for at-risk and confirmed COVID-19 individuals



Any queries related to the program can be directed to the Research and Innovation Office.


Last Updated: 04/02/2021