Funding outcomes

This page provides funding outcomes for Future Health Research and Innovation Fund Programs and Initiatives. To view funding opportunities that are open to applications, see here.

Year advertised





2020/21 FHRI Focus Grants: COVID-19 18 $5,988,011 News
2020/21  NCRIS National Imaging Facility 1 $2,311,407 News
2020/21 Medical and Health Research Infrastructure Fund 126 $6,425,466 News
2020/21 Research Institute Support 6 $2,754,655 News
2020/21 Biobank Interim Support Program Pending Pending  
2020/21 Clinician Research Fellowships Pending Pending  
2020/21 WA Near-miss Awards 45 $5,033,367  News
2020/21 Research Translation Projects Pending Pending  
2020/21 Implementation Science Fellowships Pending Pending  
2020/21 Translation Fellowships Pending Pending  


Last Updated: 08/09/2021