Health and medical research

Provision of world-class, economically sustainable health care in WA faces challenges that arise from multiple factors, including a growing and ageing population as well as new lifestyle and technological demands. Health and medical research, innovation and commercialisation can make important contributions to addressing these challenges while creating jobs and new industries and bringing broader economic benefits to the State.

The Future Health Research and Innovation (FHRI) Fund aims to harness health and medical research, innovation and commercialisation to improve the financial sustainability of the health system, the health and wellbeing of Western Australians and the prosperity of the State. Synergistic with these aims is to advance WA’s standing as a leader in health and medical research, innovation and commercialisation.

The FHRI Fund has been designed to have two distinct funding streams: one for health and medical research; and one for health and medical innovation and commercialisation. Research and innovation (which includes commercialisation for the purposes of the FHRI Fund) activities often overlap and involve some of the same stakeholders, resulting in an inter-related research and innovation ecosystem.

The FHRI Fund page about innovation describes what the term ‘innovation’ means for the FHRI Fund.

The FHRI Fund uses a specific definition for ‘research’ (see below) that helps to determine which activities are and are not eligible for funding support.

For the purposes of the FHRI Fund, research is inclusive of:

  • Research to understand human health, wellbeing and disease, and the biological, behavioural, social and environmental factors that contribute to these
  • Research to measure the magnitude and distribution of a health problem
  • Research to develop solutions, interventions, products and technologies that could contribute to improving human health and wellbeing
  • Research to understand how interventions, policies and programs aimed at improving human health and wellbeing can be most effectively delivered.

Adapted from the definition of ‘research for health’ used in the World Health Organization Strategy on Research for Health (2012)

Research activities supported by the FHRI Fund are required to meet all applicable legislative and policy provisions regarding research ethics and integrity. Further information is provided on the Research ethics and governance page.

FHRI Fund moneys will be applied to research activities that have been prioritised through a thorough consultation and analysis process, followed by transparent, competitive selection processes. The FHRI Fund Strategic Instruments, which are the Strategy, Priority Goals and Programs and Initiatives, provide the framework within which funding will be allocated.

Last Updated: 08/12/2022