FHRI Fund Consumer and Community Involvement

The Future Health Research and Innovation (FHRI) Fund recognises the importance of involving consumers and the community in the development of the Strategy, the Priority Goals and the Programs and Initiatives that will guide how FHRI Fund moneys will be applied. The development of the inaugural Strategy and Priority Goals has included input from consumers, the community and the Consumer and Community Involvement Coordinator. More information about the Strategy, Priority Goals and Programs and Initiatives can be viewed here. Included in the consultations that informed the development of the Strategy was a survey conducted by the Health Consumers Council of WA. Several participants in this survey agreed to provide their views on research in a video that was subsequently played at a forum aimed at progressing the inaugural Strategy for the FHRI Fund (see below). The context provided in the video helped the more than 150 attendees to frame their expectations of the Strategy. 

The Department of Health’s Office of Medical Research and Innovation (OMRI), which provides administrative and operational support to the FHRI Fund, works with a Consumer and Community Involvement Coordinator to ensure the FHRI Fund embeds best-practice consumer and community engagement and involvement in its activities. More information about the Consumer and Community Involvement Coordinator can be viewed here.

Last Updated: 06/02/2023