Innovation Fellowships 2022-23

The Innovation Fellowships 2022-23 Program seeks to build human capability in health and medical related innovation and to increase the innovation capacity of Western Australia (WA).


The program is designed to encourage talented Western Australians to enhance their innovation knowledge, skills and experience, in conjunction with their nominated experts who will supervise and mentor them.   


Funding up to $150,000 per Fellowship will be awarded on a competitive and merit-based process. The total time dedicated to the Fellowship activity must be 6 months and may be completed full-time or a combination of full-time and part-time, within a maximum period of 12 months.


Please note that eligibility criteria have been changed for the residency status of applicants. In addition to Australian Citizens or permanent residents in Australia, applicants who are New Zealand citizens or have appropriate work visas in place are also eligible to apply. This change has also been applied to other relevant FHRI Fund Programs and Initiatives.



Program Status: Open for Applications


Minimum Data Form due: 1:00pm (AWST), Wednesday 23 November 2022.

Applications due: 1:00pm (AWST), Thursday 8 December 2022.


The Innovation Fellowships 2022-23 Minimum Data Form, Guidelines and Conditions and Application Form can be accessed below:



IF App Form   IF App Form 




Any queries related to the program can be directed to the Western Australian Department of Health, Office of Medical Research and Innovation


Information on other FHRI Fund programs can be accessed by subscribing to updates or checking the FHRI Fund current opportunities.



Useful links:

Program information page

Guidelines and Conditions 

I am not an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Am I eligible to apply?

Possibly. In addition to Australian citizens and permanent residents, you are eligible to apply to this Program as the lead investigator (e.g. the Coordinating Principal Investigator, Innovation Lead or potential Fellow) if you are a New Zealand citizen or have an appropriate work visa in place.

In addition, it is a requirement that the lead investigator is based in WA for a minimum of 80 per cent of the period of the grant.


Can I apply to both the Innovation Fellowships and Innovation Seed Fund?

Yes. However, if the application to both programs is for the same innovation, it is recommended that the innovation activity be clearly different in these.

If an applicant submits applications to both Programs for the same innovation activity, and both applications are assessed as fundable, the grant will only be provided to one of these. 


Should applications be submitted through a university or hospital?

Applications can be submitted through any Responsible Entity, which in the Guidelines and Conditions (Section 4 Eligibility) is defined as an entity which:

  • has an active Australian Business Number
  • has a physical and operational presence in WA.


The application requires that "The total time dedicated to the Fellowship activity must be 6 months". Does this mean that an applicant would not be able to request 0.2FTE over 12 months as this would not be 6 months total?

Yes. Irrespective of the FTE dedication, the activity must be undertaken for a minimum of 6 months.

The time over which this 6-month activity is undertaken cannot exceed 12 months. The Guidelines and Conditions provide some examples of this.

Last Updated: 16/11/2022