Major Research Application Support Program

UPDATE 9 September 2022: the removal of the $1 million per application funding cap has been extended for the Major Research Application Support (MRAS) Program.


Potential applicants are advised to use the appropriate application form, based on the MRAS funding commitment being sought. One form is for applications seeking up to and including $1 million and the other is for applications seeking more than $1 million. Removal of the cap is temporary and only applies to applications received up to 8 December 2022, but may also be considered for future application periods.


Changes to the MRAS Program are as follows:

  • MRAS Guidelines and Conditions have been updated to reflect additional considerations for applications seeking more than $1 million
  • A new MRAS Application Form is provided for applications seeking a cash commitment of more than $1 million
  • Applicants are still eligible to submit more than one application, but the guidelines now clarify that the applications must be substantially different
  • Following panel assessment, MRAS applications that are seeking commitments greater than $1 million and that are found to be suitable for funding will go through an additional recommendation step by the FHRI Fund Advisory Council to assess the impact of funding the application on the overall FHRI Fund budget.


The Major Research Application Support Program provides in-principle financial support for research applications being submitted to nationally and internationally competitive grant funding rounds to boost their chance of success. Through this, it is expected that the MRAS Program will enable opportunities for the translation of research findings into new knowledge and improved health and wellbeing, address areas of need, and enhance WA’s standing as a leader in health and medical research.


The MRAS Program provides cash commitments for applications to relevant major competitive research funding programs (External Programs) that explicitly require co-funding.


Funding for the MRAS Program is provided by the Future Health Research and Innovation Fund with in-principle cash commitments made available for successful MRAS applications.


Funding will be disbursed when evidence is provided that the External Program application has been successful and an appropriate funding agreement is executed.


Program Status: Open for Applications
Assessment of applications will take place according to periodic review cycles to enable multiple applications to be considered on a competitive basis.

Convening review panels outside the standard review schedule will be at the discretion of the Office of Medical Research and Innovation in consideration of the closing date of the funding opportunity.

MRAS applicants are advised that it is incumbent on them to provide MRAS applications well in advance of the External Program closing date to allow time for the review and approval of in-principle commitments.

Assessment schedule
For the current scheduled assessment periods, applications must be submitted by the dates below. Please allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for notification of MRAS outcomes. Further dates will be added over time.

  • 1.00 pm (AWST) Tuesday 11 October 2022 (applicable Application Forms: $1 million or less, or greater than $1 million)
  • 1.00 pm (AWST) Thursday 8 December 2022 (applicable Application Forms: $1 million or less, or greater than $1 million)


The Major Research Application Support Program Guidelines and Conditions and Application Forms can be accessed below. Please note that these documents will be revised over time to ensure eligibility criteria are consistent with External Programs that are within the scope of the MRAS Program. Therefore, please always download the documents from this page before each new submission. 


Guidelines and Conditions (applicable to all applications)




Application Form: requests up to $1 million only

App form cover page  



Application Form: requests above $1 million only and only for submission to assessment period ending 11 October 2022 and 8 December 2022

App form cover page



Any queries related to the program can be directed to the Western Australian Department of Health, Office of Medical Research and Innovation 


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Last Updated: 09/09/2022