Engage with the Advisory Council

The Future Health Research and Innovation (FHRI) Fund’s Advisory Council (the Advisory Council) recognises the importance of engaging with the WA health and medical research and innovation sector (the Sector) to understand issues, challenges and opportunities of significance to the Sector. The Advisory Council also acknowledges the important role of consumers and community organisations within the Sector.

Whether you’re a health and medical researcher, innovator, consumer or community group, the Advisory Council invites you to submit an abstract or summary that addresses an issue, challenge or opportunity of significance for the Sector. Selected submissions will have the opportunity to present their topic to the Advisory Council.

Joint submissions are encouraged and where multiple abstracts address the same topic, authors will be invited to provide a joint submission.

The first round of submissions are due by COB Monday 8 January 2024

Any queries regarding submission of abstracts can be directed to the Office of Medical Research and Innovation

Submit your Abstract 

Whether you are a health and medical researcher, innovator, consumer or community group, you can submit an abstract or summary for Advisory Council consideration through the online submission form. The Office of Medical Research and Innovation (OMRI) will check submissions for eligibility and then prepare the abstracts for Advisory Council consideration.

The Advisory Council is seeking abstracts or summaries that:

  • are no more than 200 words
  • describe the issue, challenge or opportunity and the significance for the health and medical research sector
  • are concise, evidence based and informative
  • are informed by multiple stakeholders (where applicable)

Background information or supporting documents may be attached when completing the online submission form.

OMRI will check submissions for eligibility. Abstracts or summaries that request support for specific proposals, funding or changes to FHRI Fund Priority Goals will be deemed ineligible.

If your abstract or summary is deemed ineligible, OMRI will contact you to inform you of the reasons and you will have the opportunity to resubmit in subsequent rounds.

OMRI will provide eligible submissions to the Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council will determine which abstracts or summaries they would like to hear more about and OMRI will then coordinate with the lead of the submission to arrange a presentation.

Selected consumer presentations will be permitted to invite support people to accompany the presenter if presenting in person.

Selected submissions will also be published on the FHRI Fund Website.

Last Updated: 24/08/2023