The FHRI Fund uses competitive review to determine funding recipients and is seeking nominations from people who are interested in being a reviewer in an application review processes in the future.

There are no prerequisites for nominating other than having an active interest in health and medical research and innovation. People with lived experience are encouraged to nominate, as are researchers, innovators, clinicians and policymakers.

When a review process is required for a FHRI Fund Program or Initiative, the list of nominees will be reviewed to determine the people who have the skills and experience best suited to the opportunity. These people will then be contacted to confirm their availability. People with lived experience who participate in a review process may be eligible to be paid an honorarium if they are not employed within the health industry.

The details you provide in this nomination form will be kept confidential, but to acknowledge the contribution made by reviewers, the names of those who served on a review panel will be published in the FHRI Fund's annual report. Only the reviewer names will be published, not the specific Program or Initiative review process they participated in. Registrants may also be approached to assist the WA Department of Health with panel review processes.

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process or the expectations for reviewers, please contact us.

Please note that fields marked with '*' are mandatory. The mandatory fields are required to ensure that the panels used have an appropriate blend of experience, relevant expertise and gender diversity.