Researchers benefit from funding for research aimed at improving health outcomes


A total of $2.36 million has been awarded to Western Australian researchers through the Implementation Science Fellowships 2021 program.

This program provides three-year Fellowships for research programs that address a contemporary challenge or need faced by the WA public health system in the area of Aboriginal health or country and regional health, and identify strategies for the successful implementation of research findings into policy and/or practice in the WA public health system.

The program is funded by the Future Health Research and Innovation Fund which provides a secure source of funding to drive health and medical research, innovation and commercialisation.

Four Fellowships of up to $600,000 have been awarded as outlined in the table below.

Program Lead

Administering Institution

Funding Awarded

Associate Professor Fenella Gill

Curtin University


Dr Ivan Lin

The University of Western Australia


Dr Mary Kennedy

Edith Cowan University


Dr Joanna Moullin / Professor Suzanne Robinson

Curtin University


Last Updated: 26/05/2022